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Saving Melted Ice Cream

No matter how similar or different we find ourselves, we’re never alone. And neither are you! Listen in on #meltedmoms, our motherhood podcast, as we share our cold hard truths of motherhood and how we're getting through each day.

A Mom Podcast

We Share With A Mission

We’re long distance sisters, surviving the good and the bad of motherhood together. Together, we’re fighting to end the bad stigma of postpartum depression. You’re not alone. You’re not a bad mom. And with the right support system, we can raise awareness and fight PPD.

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Who Are We

Meet Courtney and Racquel. We're two sisters who share a passion for empowering women through moral support. Saving Melted Ice Cream is more than just a mom podcast. We share our stories to remind struggling moms that they are not alone.

Courtney H.


  • Lives in DC
  • Married High School Sweetheart
  • Military Spouse
  • Mom of 3 Boys
  • Studying Computer Programming
  • Obsessed with Horror Movies & True Crime

Racquel C.


  • Lives in Ohio
  • Mom of 5 Boys and 1 Girl
  • Expecting Baby #7
  • Co-parents with 4 other parents
  • Full-Time Digital Marketer
  • Studying for Master’s
  • Wants to Build a Farm

Become A Part Of A Supportive Community

Saving Melted Ice Cream is dedicated to helping moms just be themselves and support each other through postpartum depression. Join a postpartum depression support group full of moms who can relate.

*Please note, that our community is not meant to be a replacement for treating anyone’s mental health disorder.

Journal Entries

Sharing our stories helps raise awareness and lets other moms know that they are not alone. Sharing our journey with postpartum depression can help us accept and admit our current state of mental health. Which is why all mommas are invited to share their story(ies) on the blog. Your story will be shared anonymously under the author meltedmoms.

May 4, 2022 in PPD Stories

Coping with Loss and A Newborn

Sharing A Postpartum Depression Journey Most Days I feel Like A Failure I got married and had my oldest right before my 1 year anniversary. 2 and a half months…
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May 2, 2022 in PPD Stories

Experiencing Motherhood the Way We All Deserve

Sharing A Postpartum Depression Journey This week was a very physically and emotionally hard week for me. After having lily and saige I went through an undiagnosed postpartum depression that…
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March 4, 2022 in PPD Stories

Struggled in Silence

Sharing A Postpartum Depression Journey I struggled in silence because I didn’t want anyone to think of me differently. When I had our oldest son I was finishing school. My…
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